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Sexy Stockings Lingerie Article and Information

Sexy Hosiery & Bodystockings

By Lingerie Vixen

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If you're searching for a way to look really sizzling for you, your partner or husband, well there's nothing quite like a pair of sexy stockings, which can really finish off a flirty lingerie outfit or a sexy costume. Few undergarments have withstood the test of time as well as the stocking, which when fitted correctly can turn your legs from same-old-same-old to super sexy. Not all stockings are erotic; some are merely for practical purposes; however  lingerie-style stockings and pantyhose have a huge fan club, especially amongst men.

The best thing about stockings, especially lingerie stockings, is that they come in so many different colours, with very unique patterns obviously thought up by the most creative designers and making sure that there is something to perfectly match with every piece of sexy lingerie you can own. There is, of course, the seductive black and cutesy white, but other colours can include fire-engine red, flirty pink, elegant cream, and any other colour you can think of. There are striped stockings coming in a rainbow of colours, there are Halloween stockings featuring bats and pumpkins, there are floral stockings, and of course there are gothic stockings.

Sheerness is always a factor to consider when selecting stockings, it is a measure of how 'see through' the colour of the stocking will be. Opaque stockings are hardly see through at all, while other stockings are closer to a more transparent look, usually skin toned stockings take on this role. Sheerness is measured by the denier number of the stockings. It is a measure of how densely woven the stockings fibres are, i.e. how transparent the stockings will be. The lower the denier number, the more 'see through' the stockings are.

There are a few different lengths which sexy stockings come in. One of the most common types in lingerie is the thigh-high sexy stocking. This type pulls up over the knee, to reach the mid-thigh or higher. There is nothing a man finds sexier than a cheeky pair of thigh highs and a garter belt with suspenders to hold them in place. It can give an exciting twist to that little black dress, and can really show off a pair of nicely shaped legs. Another popular type is the knee high stocking, which end either just above the knee or just below. These are often worn with slightly longer fancy dress costumes to give a really flirty look. Another kind is stockings socks. These tend to end just above the ankle, and often contain lace and ruffles. Worn with a pair of black Mary Jane heels or stilettos, even these are a seductive piece of lingerie in the bedroom.

There are so many options with sexy stockings, and they are definitely a fun piece of lingerie to include with your outfit. A nice piece of lingerie with matching stockings can really create some spice in the bedroom.

Another  factor to note when considering sexy stockings is the difference between 'stay ups' and suspender stockings. Stay up stockings contain a ring of elastic or other stretchy fabric around the top to hold the stocking up (hence the name). Suspender stockings differ as they do not have the elastic band around the top to hold them up, hence must be held up by suspenders. Most suspender stockings are thigh high.

Suspender stockings may be held up using a suspender belt, which traditionally has 4-6 clips. A suspender belt or garter belt is worn around the waist, and it and the garters (clips) can be worn over or under the panties. Worn over the garters, the panties can be removed more easily, without having to unclip the garters. Worn under, the garters are exposed and the look does appear sexier. It's no surprise that a pair of suspender stockings and suspender belt will really make your man crazy. The entire set can be worn without underwear at all, if you choose. Suspender stockings may also be held up using suspender clips attached to a corset or bustier.

Bodystockings are another interesting lingerie item. These are very sexy and ca be worn under another outfit or alone- they 'cover you' all over while not hiding you at all! There are many different kinds available including lace, mesh and fishnet bodystockings, body stockings with attached underwear for more 'modesty', red, white and of course black. Most are open crotch / crotchless.

Socks are another item that can fall under sexy hosiery. These pair beautifully with many sexy costumes, such as white or black knee high stockings for schoolgirl costumes, or lace anklets for a fairytale costume. These are a fun and cuteway to accessorise your fancy dress costume.

Surprisingly, leg warmers are not only back in fashion after being out since the 80's, but they also come in a fantastic variety of looks and styles. From big furry boot cover leg warmers that perfectly match with some of our sexy costumes, to traditional knit leg warmers, and now there are also 'stocking legwarmers' which are not quite sexy stockings and not quite leg warmers but look sexy with lingerie or costumes. These also can be worn over the heel of a high heel shoe, which is a great new look.

All in all, stockings are a fantastic way to complete a lingerie outfit, leaving you feeling sexy and confident.

Happy shopping!