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Sexy Bra Sets Article

Sexy Lingerie Bra Sets

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I'm not sure whether Historians would agree with me, but I believe that women's sexy lingerie bra sets date way, way, way back to the creation of man. My argument? Adam and Eve! Was Eve, or was she not, adorned in a lovely 3 piece set of fig leaves? I rest my case!

Good old Eve was definitely a trend-setter and to this day women everywhere dress in sexy lingerie sets, to make themselves feel desirable and confident or to help heighten their bedroom experiences through whichever forte they choose! We have chosen to classify our sexy sets to include any bottoms which come with a matching bra or bra-style top.

Sexy women's lingerie sets can consist of various combinations of lingerie items such as panties and bra, g-string and bra, boy shorts and bra, booty shorts and bra or mini skirt and bra. Some sets feature full underwired or padded bras whereas other tops may be more halterneck bikini style or a bandeau boob tube look. The bottoms of these sexy sets may have features specific to the purpose of the set such as an open-crotch, tie-up ribbons or the skirts may range from being very full elasticised micro skirts to side tie-up apron style wrap arounds.

The sexy women's lingerie sets we have available online come in many different fabrics such as lycra, lace, mesh and fishnet as well as combinations of these incorporating ruffles or beautiful lace trims.  Our gorgeous bra sets are also available in a variety of colours from more traditional black, white and red colours to more modern blends and even animal prints such as leopard and zebra. Many (but not all) of the sexy sets here at Express My Lingerie are designed for specific purposes and can also be found under category themes such as bridal, risque and Valentine's.

A beautiful lingerie set, whether it's pretty or erotic, has the ability to drive men and women alike wild in the bedroom. If you were confronted in the heat of passion with either a sexy matching set, or poorly mismatched undies and bra - which one would turn YOU on? Most of our women's lingerie can easily be accessorised with a gorgeous pair of matching or even contrasting stockings for that stand out look, or a flirty pair of eyelashes or fashion wig if role-play is your call. Partially covering up with one of our stunning robes or gowns can also be a tantalising idea, creating a sexy layer to get through before revealing the even sexier set underneath!

Sexy lingerie sets are not only for the bedroom! Many women wear matching sets beneath their regular daily attire, as they step out for a spot of shopping or even head to the office for work. Wearing a beautiful set of underwear (even though nobody else can necessarily see it!) can give you an air of confidence and sophistication. Maybe it's the underlying sense of 'I know something you don't know!'  or it may be the thrill of wearing something so sexy out in public (albeit underneath your clothes!). Whatever the reason, a gorgeous matching lingerie set just seems to bring everything together and makes your look feel complete. Great combinations of lingerie are now available in sets so women and men who are after gifts, have more to choose from, making shopping much easier and saving time in trying to haphazardly bring numerous items of lingerie together in style.

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Sexy Bra Lingerie Sets