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Sexy Nurse Lingerie Article

Sexy Role Play Nurse Lingerie

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The 'Nurse' uniform has been around since the early 20th Century and has changed considerably in due course... thank goodness!  Full length skirts with tucked in blouses were the going trend back then but the uniform changed along with popular fashion styles as years went by. As soon as it became sexy for women to show off their legs, the nurse uniform complied and skirt hemlines steadily rose. The skirt and blouse combination was eventually replaced with a one piece dress that seemed to emphasise the classic 'hourglass' woman's figure and is most commonly the style which many adult's fantasy costumes and sexy bedroom lingerie costumes are modeled after today. Needless to say, it is obviously a good thing that nurse style role-play costumes have not continued to evolve in order to be based on current day modern nurse uniform's, as the uniforms we see today do not even come close to resembling the look with which we associate sexy nurse's today!

Sexy women's nurse bedroom costumes are an extremely erotic and playful way to set hearts racing during seductive night time interludes. Nurse's are very very skilled at taking care of their patients and tending to their every need, some even administer sponge baths on a regular basis! Temperatures will definitely rise when you choose nurse/patient or doctor's and nurse's scenarios for the pure reason that within this popular role-play profession we all know how necessary it is to be thorough!  Your partner may choose to succumb to seduction and let you tend to their every need just like a good patient should, but we all know how difficult some patients can be and of course there are those that occasionally need to be restrained!

At Express My Lingerie we cater for the more raunchy bedroom costume lingerie enthusiasts where nurse's attire is available in 'barely-there' styles, consisting of small bra and panties sets, or delicate lingerie items recognisable only to be a nurse due to it's colour scheme and well known first aid cross. Such beautiful and sexy adult's fantasy play costumes are available in stretchy lycra, lace and mesh as well as most other common lingerie fabrics in white and red themes for the more innocent character portrayal, or black and red for the naughty night-shift workers!

Although still unbelievably sexy (usually due to the short lengths) traditionally styled nurse's dresses are sometimes more conservatively worn as fantasy role-play characters. Fantastic accessories are readily available on our website to accentuate the medical theme of a women's nurse dress up theme such as stethoscopes, satin gloves and thigh high stockings with first-aid crosses attached. Team up some of these brilliant combinations with a sexy surgeon or hot doctor friend, and you will definitely be the cause of some coronaries at your next medical themed or Doctor's and Nurse's adult's adventurous fantasy play event!  These more traditional hour glass shape of nurse's uniform costumes are also available in popular white and red, or black and red colours however, ever increasingly popular is the khaki camouflage print and the sexy army nurse lingerie costume idea. Most nurse's bedroom costumes available in the uniform dress styles are produced with more stretchy fabrics such as plain or printed lycra in matte or wet look finishes, or thicker stretch polyester ensembles, both providing great comfort and very flattering outcomes for women of all shapes and sizes.

Here at Express My Lingerie we stock a huge range of saucy nurse's bedroom lingerie cos-play attire as well as more conservative yet still sexy women's nurse uniform role-play fantasy costumes. Many of our cheeky cosplay character sets are available as matching his 'n' hers themes, or can be easily combined with other similar styles, colours and patterns to create your own individual looks and scenarios. The intimate lingerie and playful costumes we stock are available in both regular and plus sizes to cater for anyone who is keen on dressing up, feeling sexy and having a whole heap of fun! All of our products at Express My Lingerie are in stock, in our warehouse and waiting to be discreetly delivered straight to your front door at lightning speed. To speed up the arrival of your sensual new wardrobe additions even more... click on the link above and start browsing our fantastic range of sexy nurse intimate fantasy costumes!

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