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Sexy Lingerie Glossary

Sexy Lingerie Glossary:

A guide to bedroom-wear terms.

By Bedroom Vixen, Express My Lingerie (© Copyright 2011)

Use of sexy and seductive styles of lingerie is becoming increasingly common in the bedroom, with more and more women wanting to feel sexy and confident for their man. However, as the trend grows, it is becoming progressively more confusing tell what's what in the world of fantasy bedroom wear. Different styles with confusing names are introduced all the time, which can become daunting and even off-putting for many women (and men!) who do not purchase lingerie on a regular basis. Here at Express My Lingerie, we try to make buying lingerie a fun, pleasant experience, and offer you this informative glossary to help you become familiar with some of the terms used on our website. Please note that some terms are often inter-changeable and at other times are used by different manufacturers in different ways, but we have noted the most common uses of the terms and their meanings below to sort through some of the confusion.

Baby doll -The classic baby doll is a style of sensual lingerie consisting of a short nightdress, usually made from a see through, thin mesh or satin fabric. It consists of form fitting cups, with loose fitting fabric that falls somewhere between the hips and the bellybutton though they can be shorter or longer. The top section is tight and the bottom skirt section flares out just underneath the bust line. The nightdress is often sold with a matching G-string.

Back closure -This term is usually used to describe bras or any lingerie that has a bra closure, where the clasps are placed at the back, as opposed to front closure bras, which undo from the front. Most standard bras are back closure, unless otherwise stated.

Back wings -These are the bands of fabric which extend from the outer base of the bra cups to fasten at the back. One will contain hooks, the other eyes.

Balconette / Balcony / Shelf Bra -This is a sexy bra where the cups are very  low cut and the straps are wide set, giving the impression of a square neckline. These bras can be padded or un-padded, and are designed to push the bust upwards, to give a 'balcony' or shelf-like appearance.

Bandeau - A bandeau is similar to a boob tube. It is a strapless, wide band of fabric which can be padded or un-padded, worn around the bust. Most give minimal support.

Bikini -This is one of many styles of underwear. The bikini style is one of the most common. These panties have a waistband which rests below the bellybutton and around the hips. Coverage at the back is moderate, and the sides vary from string bikini to fuller cut.

Bodystocking -A bodystocking is fitted hosiery that covers the entire body, from the shoulders to the feet. It is similar to a catsuit and may be worn underneath clothing during winter, or, more often than not, as a sexy piece of lingerie. Made of tight, sheer material like nylon or fishnet, it highlights all parts of the body, making it very naughty and perfect for the bedroom.

Boy shorts / Boy leg Panties -This style of underwear is a feminine take on men's classic underwear. Its shape is typically low rise, with wide, square cut sides. The term 'boy shorts' is also often known as Rumba or Rhumba pants or shorts and in very sexy versions they can be cut very high at the back and allow a lot of the buttock to show below the shorts. Booty Shorts (see below) are often described as boy shorts. These panties are flattering for straight hip figures, and minimalize panty lines, though some are made purely to be worn under dresses or petticoats and are covered in ruffles, these are often called 'Ruffle Shorts'.

Booty shorts -These panties or  knickers are much like boy shorts, except the rear is cut in such a way that there is less coverage across the buttocks, it is an even sexier version.

Bra -The bra is a garment worn by women to support the breasts. They come in a wide variety of styles to meet various levels of support / fashion needs. The most common types of bras include adhesive bra (such as NuBra), balconnette bra, convertible bra, demi cup bra, full cup bra, minimizer bra, molded bra, nursing / maternity bra, plunge bra, push-up bra, racer back bra, seamless / t-shirt bra, shelf bra, sports bra, soft cup bra and strapless bra.

Bralette -A bralette is an unlined, soft cup bra. While they do not offer a significant amount of support, they are a sexy addition to any lingerie collection.

Bridal lingerie / wedding lingerie / trousseau - A woman's bridal lingerie is typically a collection of bridal corsets, bras, garters, stockings etc. The bridal lingerie is worn beneath the gown, whilst the wedding lingerie is a wider collection of lingerie in the hues of white and light blue, used by the bride on her wedding night and honeymoon

Bump pads -These pads are built in to the lower section of a bra, to push the breasts up and create an illusion of more ample cleavage.

Bustier - A bustier is a bra that extends to the waist, providing additional support, control and sex appeal. It is a modern adaptation of the classic corset, made from lace, satin and stretch fabrics. It may be worn as an evening top, or as lingerie in the bedroom. It is boned with plastic or spiral steel boning or may be un-boned, and many come with straps and garters.

Camisole -A camisole is a short lingerie top which is fitted around the bust and ending at the waistline. They come in a variety of fabrics including silk, leather, lace or mesh. They often contain straps, and are adorned with lace and bows. They often come with a G-string.

Charmeuse - Charmeuse (pronounced shar-moos) is a lightweight, satin finished silk. It is a particular type of fabric perfect for lingerie, and is used in loose fitting designs such as the baby doll or camisole.

Chemise - A chemise( pronounced sha-meez) is a short dress or nightdress, normally made from thin materials, and is known as a sheer lingerie. It is the same shape a straight hanging, sleeveless dress, fitted closely around the hips and waist.

Corset - A corset is a piece of boned, close fitting lingerie that creates structure and control. It reduces the waist and exaggerates the bust and hips. Corsets often fasten with a hook and eye, and contain ribbon in a criss-cross fashion down the back in order to tighten to the wearers comfort. A corset begins just above or just below the bust, and extends down to the waist or just below the hips. They compare in shape to a bustier, however are often strapless.

Crotchless - Underwear specifically designed with a slit in the crotch region. Every kind of knickers can come in a crotchless style. The term 'open crotch' is some times used interchangeably with crotchless.

Demi cup/Demi bra - The name 'demi' comes from the word meaning: 'half'. It  is a name given to a bra who's cups are cut in such a way that the top part of the breast is exposed. This bra is sexy and flattering, and perfect for bedroom lingerie.

French knicker -This is a panty that resembles a boyshort, however, the back does not have elastic in the legs, so it is not tight around the buttocks. This style often has a see-through rear.

Full cup - A full cup bra is one where the cups cover the entire breast. They are great for fuller figures or wearing under t shirts.

G-string - The G-string (sometimes known as the v-string) is about as close as you can get to wearing no panties at all. While the thong has minimal fabric in the back, the g-string has even less. It includes a single piece of string that attaches from the front to the back. G-strings help to prevent panty lines and are a very erotic piece of lingerie.

Garter holder / Garter belt - A garter holder is a sexy kind of belt with buckles which attaches to a pair of thigh high or stay up stockings. It is worn around the waist and has 4 or more clips. They look best colour matched to stockings and panties.

Garter - The garter is a thin, elastic piece of fabric which traditionally held up stockings. Today, it is traditionally a lingerie accessory at weddings. A garter is circular to fit around the thigh.

Halter - A halter is a bra style where the straps fasten behind the neck. Many are convertible to strapless, regular and criss-cross.

Hipster- Regular undies / knickers that are cut conservatively around the legs and are hip high on the waistband.

Hosiery -This is the term used for knitted apparel for wear over the foot and leg. It includes socks, knee highs, thigh highs, stockings, pantyhose and tights.

Jockstrap - A jockstrap is a supportive and minimal male garment, often used in athletic activities. It consists of an elastic waistband connected to a pouch of fabric that covers the genitals, with straps across the buttocks at the rear. Some jockstraps feature a thong back.

Open Cup- this is when the bra is not covering the center of the breast area. This is the perfect opportunity to add some pasties.

Negligee - A negligee is a flowing robe, most often made from silk and adorned with lace and ruffles. It is a sexy variation of the traditional nightgown.

Pasties -These are sexy and decorative stick on nipple covers that are used when wearing a shelf bra or open cup style bra.

Push-up bra - A push up bra lifts the breasts to create cleavage, and often come with padding to give the illusion of a fuller, larger chest.

Tanga- These are a style of underwear / knickers that are very sexy and low cut and skimpy. Very similar to a bikini cut but with less covering the bottom of the buttocks.

Thong -A thong is a popular type of panty, and is great if you want no visible panty lines and a smooth appearance underneath clothing. At the rear, the fabric creates a 'v' shape at the waistband, and gradually thins out as it reaches the crotch.

Teddy - The teddy combines the look of a camisole and panty. It resembles the shape of a one piece bathing suit, and it typically sleeveless or even strapless. It is made with all sorts of materials such as leather, lace, nylon or vinyl and is made to accentuate the body. These days teddies are made of less and less material making them sexier and sexier! Some are little more than a bra and panties joined by some straps.