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Sexy Lingerie Article

Sexy Lingerie

By Lingerie Vixen

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At Express My Lingerie we love anything lingerie! You are reading this so we can assume that you have an interest in sexy lingerie too - whether for curiosity, you like to wear it, or you are going to buy it for someone special as a gift or surprise. Whichever it is, it is always fun to know a little more so we have put some information together for your enjoyment and also added a little information about what we do here at Express My Lingerie.  We have also added a little help on selecting a lingerie size for someone else as well as advice on choosing sexy lingerie.

“Lingerie” is a French word used to describe fashionable and alluring undergarments, underwear and incorporates many types such as corsets, bustiers,garter belts, teddies, babydolls, and hosiery such as thigh high stockings,bodystockingsand pantyhose which are intended to look sexy, and can be worn as intimate underwear in the bedroom to really spice things up with your partner. There are many things to consider when purchasing sexy lingerie, including colour, style, size and fit, and how many pieces you would like in your complete lingerie set.

One of the most important factors is colour. Like any other item of clothing, you should ensure that the colour you select matches your skin tone, hair colour, and even complements your eye colour. Especially in women’s lingerie, where having the wrong colour can ruin the sexy look completely. For example, if you have golden undertones to your skin and your hair colour is red or brunette, camel, beige, orange, gold or dark brown are great colours to match. There are many websites which describe how to match colours to your skin tone and hair colour, and it’s a good idea to research this before purchasing sexy lingerie. When selecting a colour, it is also a good idea to think about the occasion you are wearing the lingerie for. Is itValentine’s Day lingerie? If so, find a shade of red or pink or something with cute hearts to suit you or to buy for your loved one as a romantic lingerie gift. Some people find black lingerie the sexiest of all, which is lucky because it tends to suit and looks fantastic on most skin tones and hair colours.

The second thing to consider when purchasing bedroom lingerie is choosing a piece which complements the body shape. This means that you need to know and understand the shape of your own body or the body of the woman or man you are buying the lingerie for. For example, if you have great legs, don’t cover them up with a full length sexy robe. If you have a great bust, maybe you could accentuate it with a great ‘peek a boo’ style bra, or even decorative sexy pasties. If your figure is straight up and down, it might be a good idea to cinch the waist with a sexy corset or waist cincher that helps to accentuate the hips and bust. If you’re looking for plus size lingerie, some gorgeous and sexy fuller figure pieces of lingerie that look great on a larger woman and can hide anything that makes the wearer feel uncomfortable are the babydoll, corset  or even the chemise which can all accentuate the bust and hide the tummy. It is a good idea to know your (or the person you are buying for) body shape before deciding on a piece of beautiful lingerie. If you are buying for someone else and you are not sure what to buy then choose a baby doll - the fit is more flexible in size and can cover a lot of skin,

Probably one of the most important things to consider when purchasing lingerie is the size.  This is why we provide measurements for every piece of lingerie in our range (it is always under the main description for each lingerie product)  - this will help you to determine your size by comparing your measurements or if the lingerie is for someone else there is another little trick you can try.   Without their knowledge, grab a pair of their jeans that are a snug fit and measure them across the middle of the zip - double the length to allow for the back and you have a hip measurement!  Find a top that fits the person snuggly but does not have any stretch in it and measure it from underarm to underarm - this will be the bust measurement. If the top also fits snugly at the waist, then measure the narrowest part of the top to get a waist measurement.  Since lingerie is always made from stretchy materials and many pieces are a one size fits all, this will help you to decide on the size when you compare the measurements.

Adult’s Lingerie that is too tight or too loose is not a good look and can be disastrous. Many customers become concerned about purchasing sexy lingerie online due to not being able to try the item on, however even most lingerie stores do not allow customers to try on products as local legislation prevents this activity. It is important to accurately measure yourself and compare with the size charts provided when selecting a suitable size. Don’t forget that we are available and more than happy to answer any questions you have about our lingerie either discreetly via email, or via telephone for a more personalised and confident online shopping experience.

Another thing to consider is the entire lingerie look you want to go for. Lingerie comes in so many different styles, from elegant and modest to completely raunchy and erotic, and everything in between. It’s always a good idea to pick a style of lingerie to match your personality. It all comes down to the question – how much do you want to show? If you’ve never worn lingerie before, and you’re an introverted personality, it’s probably not the best idea to go for a set of sexy pasties and crotchless underwear that’ll make you want to hide in a corner instead of strutting your stuff. Over time, as you get more confident and brave in your lingerie, you may want to start wearing cheekier and more erotic sexy lingerie ensembles. You should select something you’ll be comfortable wearing, as this will heighten your confidence and have you feeling sexy in no time.

Another thing to consider when you are choosing a piece of lingerie is the kind of fabric it is made from. For example, PVC can be uncomfortable on some skin types and tends not to be stretchy and flexible in size and  some pieces of mesh, lace  and fishnet  lingerie are more sheer or ‘see through’ than others, most fabrics are stretch material but still, some are not such as many satins or some chiffon fabrics.

The best sexy lingerie ever won’t help to make you look sexy if you don’t feel sexy. It’s important to feel good and be confident and self assured when you slip into your sensual lingerie. Confidence is a huge turn on for adult’s and is one of the most attractive qualities in a woman. That way, you can strut your stuff and have a super sexy, fun night in.

Happy shopping!