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Boost Your Self Confidence with Sexy Lingerie

You and Sexy Lingerie - Bedroom Goddess!

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by Lingerie Vixen

Lacking the self confidence you need to pull off wearing some sexy lingerie with flair can be the biggest downer of what could otherwise be a hot and steamy encounter! There are of course some steps you can take to avoid such a situation and even catapault you in the direction of successful seduction, and it all starts with knowing which.. and then purchasing the ideal sexy lingerie to suit you and your situation…. Here we go!

First things first…. Know your body, although standing under a fluorescent light scrutinizing all your bits and pieces is not quite what we are recommending here! See yourself from your lovers point of view – maybe light some candles (if this is the environment you have planned for your encounter) and watch in the mirror how flattering candlelight can be! All those little flaws you know about may just magically blend into oblivion! Parading for your lover in front of an open fire will also have the same shadowy, dimly lit effect. Tip: this is all well and good as long as you remember to turn down (or off) other lighting, including the t.v!

If it’s an all-out raunchy, no bars held striptease you are planning, then we figure most inhibitions were already left at the door, making your choice of sexy lingerie beyond your wildest dreams!

Another great way to make you feel comfortable, sexy and confident in your lingerie is to surround yourself with other things that will make you feel relaxed and ready! Why not try laying out a squillion yummy scented candles, turn on some soothing romantic music or sip on your favourite glass of wine to warm up? All these wonderous scenarios will make you look and feel like a star in any situation.

If however, the night you have planned is one of unbridled passion, inhibitions out the window and more or less a take no prisoners floor show, as opposed to romantic interlude, then you may want to forget the candles ( maybe keep the hot wax though!) and make sure you can be seen to be believed! Get yourself and your lover into the spotlight where visual stimulation will be the crux of your arousal. Get a little more naughty, not only in attitude but in your sexy attire too! Pull out the risqué look, try some insatiable fishnet lingerie, some crotchless lingerie surprises so your lover can enjoy the view or take it to the extreme with radical leather lingerie and fetish wear. They say ‘less is more’ but if tantalizing is to become your forte then ‘more is more’ will work much better for you in this situation.

Keep your lover guessing, try the art of seduction in a pair of too high sexy boots – yes, they will be covering most of your long hottie legs, but we guarantee that in a get up like that nobody will be disappointed! Adding something as simple as sexy boots can lift your surrounds to a new height of naughtiness, cheekiness and not to mention eroticism. Just like regular clothes, you can dress them up or down with a variety of sexy lingerie styles to please and tease. Tip: for added confidence and dominance it isn’t even necessary to take your boots off…. at all…. during play time… get it?!

Speaking of play time…. There are advantages to choosing cute role play lingerie styles for your rendezvous, nobody says you have to stick with any kind of ‘norm’ when it comes to sexy lingerie. Selecting fantasy lingerie to dress in and become the highly sultry seductress can give you a head start in the confidence stakes. Starting your night dressed in specifically themed clothing per-say (albeit it much more revealing clothing!) can give you a psychological edge when it comes to comfort, making you feel more ‘covered’.

Sexy lingerie costumes and role play fantasy wear will achieve this whilst strengthening your sexual presence every which way! Bedroom costumes and role play lingerie can assist in boosting confidence, gnawing at small threads of left over self-consciousness and helping you delve into the world of what fantasy lingerie can offer, the opportunity to be somebody else for a while!

If shyness or self-consciousness still sits at your forefront…. Don’t worry! Allow yourself to remain in control of your romantic, seductive or other encounters, by choosing the sexy lingerie and intimate apparel that works best for you!  Going the cheeky ‘half-reveal’ will often be enough to get the blood pumping and keep you in control of whether or not to lift the final curtain! Sexy sheer lingerie such as babydolls, chemises or even see-through nighties can easily do the job whilst still making you feel somewhat less exposed. These lingerie styles for women are popular and easy to come by as they’re favoured for their flattering capabilities, often masking small flaws of the tummy, thighs or bottom. We’re pretty sure that even Dominatrix or BDSM enthusiasts didn’t just dive in to their acts head first, we all start somewhere and we all stop somewhere where we feel comfortable, confident and satisfied!

Don’t forget…. You perform at your best when you are comfortable and confident, so finding the best sexy lingerie to suit your body and the situation you intend to take part in, will be the best start to an explosive end! Know your body well, accept it, then do what you need to give yourself the experience you deserve…. The experience of a Goddess!