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Sexy Burlesque Lingerie Ideas

Women's Burlesque Lingerie and Costumes

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Sexy Burlesque lingerie and bedroom costumes have become very popular in recent years. But how do you know what is burlesque and what is not? And how do you add the right accessories and where do you get them from? How sexy do you go? When should you buy a burlseque bedroom costume instead of lingerie? Read our guide to help you answer these and other important questions that will help you to choose your sexy showgirl outfit wisely. And of course, please check out our extensive range of sexy burlesque outfits, lingerie, corsets, petticoats and accessories, click the links the the bottom of the page.

The revival of Burlesque is in full swing, sweeping across everyday fashion statements, cinema and theatre and of course sultry bedroom fantasies. Moulin Rouge started the trend and laid down the perfect foundation for this unique style to steadily grow into the popularity we are experiencing today.

So, what is Burlesque?

Usually musically inspired and driven, Burlesque is feministically independent, it is seduction and the art of teasing, it is explicitly sexual and alluring, an erotic heightening of the senses through visual stimulation often followed by physical rejection. The classic example of ‘you can look, but not touch’, a sensual showtime feast for one’s eyes!All these things being showcased from a woman who at the same time maintains an air of ladylike prestige and elegance, is my friends…. Burlesque!

Dressing Burlesque is about the entire package, lots of legs, cinched in waists and busty tops. Specific items of clothing, costumes and lingerie which are essential in perfecting this style can all be found here at Express My Lingerie. The corset is of course the most important basic item needed to start with; it can accentuate to your own individual style and create an ultra sexy burlesque look.  The corsets you find on our website cater for a fantastic range of sizes and include fantastic over-bust and under-bust styles, in satins, laces, vinyl and brocades. Alternatively, there are also ready to go burlseque costumes and burlesque inspired lingerie that do not rely on a corset but still meet the theme.

Whether you are adding to a burlesque themed bedroom costume or creating your own individual look from the ground up, there are a few more things to consider… stockings, high heels, feather boas and satin gloves, hat or hairpiece and even false eyelashes and a wig!

Show off your legs but make them glamorous! Our fantastic range of thigh high, stay up stockings in styles such as fishnet, fencenet, sheer and opaque will do the job just nicely especially when teamed with a pair of sexy sizzling stilettos. Don’t forget your feather boa… a great tool to tickle the senses and perform your tease! Finish off your look with a matching pair of seductive elegant satin gloves, use the silky fabric to arouse any untouched senses, and we all know that any upstanding sophisticated lady doesn’t like to get her hands dirty! Add some outrageous eyelashes and a sexy bold wig to really get the full burlesque effect.

With a mini top hat as the final touch you will be ready to turn heads at your next Moulin Rouge or Burlesque themed fancy dress up party, or surprise that special someone in the bedroom with their own showgirl performance. Express My Lingerie can help you out with the look… but the moves are up to you!

Happy Shopping!