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Sexy Animal Fantasy Lingerie Article

Animal Fantasy Bedroom Costumes

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Animal bedroom costumes... Where did they start? Why did they start? And whose idea was it?

I have an idea! Sir Walt Disney! He's the guy who brought animal cartoon animations to our lounge rooms back in the 30's, in fact Mickey Mouse made his silver screen debut in 1928 with 'Steamboat Willie'. Walt Disney went from strength to strength and with a plethora of imaginative colourful animal characters under his belt, opened the world famous Disneyland. Now what good is an adventurous theme park, a trip into the world that lives inside your own television set, without physically being able to touch the characters you have grown to love in real life? Alas! The animal fancy dress costume was born - Leading unashamedly to sexy animal lingerie costumes!

Animal fantasy play costumes entered the more sexy world of adult role-play dress ups with the meshing of provocative sexiness and innocence bringing cute bunny and kitty themes to the forefront and testing their limitations. Well apparently there really aren't any limitations and these styles of sexy animal lingerie costumes continue to dominate not only adult's naughty dress up events but have moved stealthily into the bedroom where dare I say, the style has found it's forte! Do we need an example? I think most consenting adults would agree that when it comes to bedroom cos-play an innocent playful kitty-kat which turns into a ravishing hungry tigress as the night progresses, is by most standards a winner! Most adult's are aware of the term animalistic behaviours and what  this entails (again no pun intended!) during bedroom escapades, making the link between sexy liaisons and your attire whilst engaging in them quite obvious! Be an animal... and look like one!!

Here at Express My Lingerie we cater for women in all sizes stocking sexy animal bedroom costumes in both regular and plus sizes. Our gorgeous selection of playful pussy cat's include more subdued animal printed fabrics in satins and mesh as well as more funky lingerie costumes incorporating hot pink and black lycra stripes with perfect matching ears and tails to accessorise. As well as the kitty-kat styles of sexy fantasy costumes and lingerie, here in our online store you will also find sexy bunnies in fluffy white or elegant black looks, bees, ladybugs and leopards both in styles suitable for public display and in more daring styles best utilised in the bedroom. Many of the more sexy animal lingerie looks available keep added character defining inclusions to a minimum and emphasise more on colour, print and fabric, such as zebra stripes, leopard spots and faux furs to infuse an animal theme.

Let's not forget that animal fantasy lingerie costumes may be worn for fun, to re-enact a raunchy bedroom scene and even comical engagements! Sexy farm girl Mary-Jo Beth may need her farmhand partner to dress as a cool country cow for the annual barn dance hoedown, and bring along his chicken outfit in case a character change is in order when the hen's start pecking later in the night!

Our entire fantastic range of tame and super sexy adult's dress up fantasy wear, bedroom cos-play dress ups and lingerie are all in stock and can be found by clicking the link above. Order online now for discreet express delivery straight to your front door.

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