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Sexy Sailor Bedroom Costume Ideas

Sexy Sailor Lingerie

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Sailor's have a very simple yet distinct style of dress. Members of the Navy have been wearing garb regarded as a uniform of one kind or another since oh I don't know..... forever?!! The earliest introduction of a colour scheme to be common amongst sailor uniforms was navy blue and gold, and I am assuming that this is where society has coined the descriptive term 'navy blue', although I have no proof of this! A Khaki version of sea-faring attire was adapted and passed on by British navy aviators in India by soaking their crisp white uniforms in mud, coffee and curry in order to blend in to their surrounds. For a short while, grey uniforms were introduced specifically for the ranks of officers, but navy blue was the stead-fast stayer and is still to some extent in accordance with navy uniform regulations to this day. The original regulation uniform for women in the navy consisted of blue attire for the winter switching to white for the summer months.

Sailor style clothing has held a place within the fashion industry for quite some time focusing not only on sexy role-play dress up themes but also on designs produced for the purpose of everyday wear. Collared dresses for example, with drop waisted pleated skirts have often been a very cute addition to the wardrobes of many little girls, and have also been adapted to suit sophisticated adult's styles.

Women's sailor or navy themed fantasy bedroom costume lingerie can be both sultry and sexy as well as more clinical and cute! Most adult's styles are confined to the more traditional blue, red and white colours although specific looks may vary from skirts and bra and top sets to playful rompers. Naughty bedroom lingerie costumes intended for more adventurous role-play antics are available in traditional nautical themed colours whilst still falling under the genre of lingerie with its limited coverage. Seduce your partner in the bedroom, let your imaginations run free, board the HMAS Erotica but find yourselves lost at sea suddenly making you the Captain's first mate!  Express My Lingerie stock a sexy range of enticing cosplay bedroom lingerie in beautiful comfortable fabrics such as lycra, mesh and lace, so you can still enjoy the lingerie feel whilst experimenting with role-play characters. Whether you're more familiar with the Love Boat or the Titanic, romances seem to have a history of blossoming when people are out at sea, usually on a ship! Maybe this is where the attraction stems from when imaginative bedroom enthusiasts are confronted with sexy sailor's... it's a good theory!  Many of these navy lingerie costumes conform to a certain sexy sailor style with things such as false pleats, cute emblems and even matching gob hats, although differing styles and of course quantity of fabric used, often draws the line between whether your intentions are to be sexy or cute! Short romper styles, one piece jumpsuits are also available and many of our sea themed uniform lingerie can be seductively accessorised with seductive stockings or thigh highs to complete your naughty and sexy role-play lingerie costume.

Whether you're accustomed to running a tight ship or not, you can hit the deck with style in a sexy women's sailor fantasy bedroom costume or lower the anchor and indulge in some naughty naval antics with your first mate in the boudoir tonight. All adult's dress up role-play costumes and sexy bedroom costume lingerie is in stock at Express My Lingerie and ready to be express shipped to your door. To start  browsing our fantastic range of adult's fantasy costumes and cosplay bedroom lingerie in both regular and plus sizes, follow the links above.

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