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Reasons to Buy Your Lingerie Online

Why buy lingerie online?

Reasons why buying lingerie online is so much fun!

By Bedroom Vixen (© Copyright 2011)

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a love-hate relationship with bra and underwear shopping. On one hand, I love it! All the pretty styles, the different colours, the frills and lace and sequins and sparkles. It’s definitely a girly-girl’s idea of fun. On the other hand, I dread it. I hate when you see something in a catalog you like, and it’s not in the store. Or those shop assistants that insist on measuring you (more often than not, inaccurately) despite your protests, leaving you feeling violated and put off bra shopping for the next 100 years. And on top of all that, purchasing something a little sexier, like a G-string or a piece of lingerie, is downright embarrassing in a store.

Walking through the aisles to the checkout with your sexy underwear in hand, feeling like everyone in the store is staring, the pre-pubescent girl at the checkout looking at the garments like they’re diseased, the chance of meeting a friend who might see (shock horror) what you’re purchasing. It’s all more than a little off putting. If you feel  the same and can relate to any of this, then luckily  for you, Express My Lingerie has solved all this, you can now buy fun and flirty lingerie to wear especially for your partner without the embarrassment and irritation.

What our customers really love about Express My Lingerie is the fact that everything listed on the website is in stock, in a warehouse located in your very own country. This has really made customers trust purchasing lingerie online. Gone are the days of getting a flimsy old catalogue in the post, finding something you like, rushing to the store only to find it’s not in stock. Instead, you just jump on your computer in your pajamas with a cup of tea, and you can see everything we have in stock, ready to ship to you. And the best part is it only takes 1-2 business days to arrive!

The second thing to really love about Express My Lingerie is the fast and easy size charts, and the helpful guide on how to measure yourself. Instead of walking into a store, standing in a change room topless, and feeling violated by a grumpy woman with a measuring tape, you can easily measure yourself and in about 10 seconds find out what size you should order, because there is a size guide for each and every piece of sexy lingerie and every costume on the site right in the product information where you need it! This has made purchasing lingerie far less embarrassing and intimidating, and instead it is now a lot of fun! Now you can help your friends with their measurements when they purchase from us too.

But I think the thing you will like most about buying lingerie from our online store is the confidentiality. I’ve never purchased anything really erotic or raunchy in any stores because of the judgmental looks from staff, and most don’t even have anything super-dooper sexy available. It is thrilling to now be able to order some really sexy lingerie, without the embarrassment of purchasing it publicly, and it’s even more exciting that the range on offer at Express My Lingerie is so much bigger and better compared with regular stores. You can now feel confident and sensual in the bedroom, and your partner will be  just thrilled with all your new outfits.

You will love our privacy policy and our discreetness – all invoices and receipts show payment made to ‘HC Trust’, lingerie is not mentioned at all, and your address and personal details remain completely confidential. This means if anyone comes over and you leave the paperwork lying around, you won’t  have to deal with the awkwardness of explaining that yes, you did dress up in sexy panties and kitten ears for your man last night!

All in all, purchasing lingerie has become so much easier, efficient and way less embarrassing for you now that you know about Express My Lingerie. Everything on the website is in stock in Australia and lingerie comes to your door in just a few short days. You will love the affordable prices and huge range, the accurate size charts, the complete confidentiality and no judgment whatsoever – what more could a girl want?

Happy Shopping!