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Reasons to Buy From Australia

Why buy from Australia:

Top reasons to buy from here.

By Bedroom Vixen (© Copyright 2010)

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I won’t deny it – I’m an online shop-a-holic. I just love the ease, the way how with just a couple of clicks (and a lot of charges to my credit card!) I can do all my shopping, find things that aren’t available in the stores near me, and have it all delivered to my door. So as a seasoned shop-a-holic, I have discovered the huge difference between purchasing online from Australia and online from overseas. And I’ll tell you, I much prefer purchasing from here. Yes, it brings jobs back into the country, and yes it’s great for the economy, however these are not my main reasons… my reasons are a little more selfish.

Firstly, online stores in Australia are so easily contactable, (especially here at Express My Lingerie). There’s no international phone call charges or time delays and differences, just regular national rates meaning you can ask as many questions as you need without worrying about a massive phone bill at the end of it. Express My Lingerie, unlike many other online stores, also answer customer emails every day (several times a day!). When purchasing lingerie online, this is especially important, as I’m sure everyone wants their question answered quickly, either on the phone or by email.

Another great thing about shopping at  Australian online stores is the currency is always displayed in Australian dollars. This means there are no tricky conversions to perform, as the prices are all clearly displayed. Also, the price sometimes looks cheaper from an overseas online store on the surface, but banks often charge conversion fees so this needs to be added to the costs too.

Probably one of the best things about shopping at Australian websites is the affordable postage rates, and postage time. While international websites may have some items at a cheaper price, the postage rates to Australia are insanely high, and getting the product into the country ends up costing a lot more than if it was purchased in Australia originally. Second is the time it takes to get the product to the customer. At Express My Lingerie, all sexy lingerie and costumes are in stock, meaning as soon as they are ordered they are shipped straight to the customer via Express Post. Express My Lingerie has overnight delivery to Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth CBD and more, while regional and remote areas only take 2-3 business days. This is completely different to the international system, where many websites do not have all products listed in stock. This means they may be waiting up to 6 weeks or more for the product to reach them, and an total of 6-8 weeks to reach you! Often international packages are held or slowed up by Customs, and can take even longer to reach the customer. Other factors such as international flight delays can affect how long it takes for your package to reach you too.

Additionally, due to the nature of the products, it is important that the company has a good return policy. Purchasing lingerie can sometimes be tricky, and it may not look or fit how you expected it to. Express My Lingerie, being based in Australia, has a fast and efficient exchange and returns service, so exchanging the product for a bigger or smaller size is no problem! However, doing exchanges and returns with international companies is nearly impossible. So once you have bought something you are stuck with it whether it is right for you or not….and if there is a fault with the product….well..let’s just say, it can be all too hard!

Purchasing from international stores is often disappointing, and quite frankly gives me a headache, whereas buying lingerie from an Australian online store like Express My Lingerie has all the convenience and efficiency as if purchasing from an actual store, but even better (that is another story!), with affordable prices and great quality products!

Happy Shopping!

PS. All legitimate Australian online stores pay GST the same as any' bricks and mortar' store,don't listen to all the misinformation in the media, it is the overseas online stores that the media is discussing, not Australian ones!