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Sexy Teddies Lingerie Article and Information

Sexy Teddy Lingerie

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Sexy Lingerie Teddies

Our women's sexy teddy range includes every variation of the old fashioned teddy. To be called a teddy all that is required is that the bra section and the panties section needs to be joined in the middle of the front. Enjoy browsing our sexy range of teddies here in our online store. 

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A little information and history...

The humble teddy / bodysuit has in recent times been transformed into a very sexy lingerie style that is very provocative and sometimes made of very little material.  Teddies often come in crotchless / open crotch styles, and peek-a-boo open cup styles too. For this reason it can be a little awkward to purchase this kind of erotic outfit in a shop and it is much more comfortable to buy such sexy lingerie online from the privacy of your own home.

A traditional teddy combines a camisole and panty into one piece of bodysuit-like lingerie. Unlike a bodysuit, however, it is typically sexier and consists of less material and more of a suggestion of material! The teddy began its life in the 1920’s when it was sold as a garment appropriate to wear under short dresses which were becoming popular for the first time in history!  In the 1940s the teddy became less appealing and popular and it was not until the 1990’s that it appeared in the lingerie market again. These days, there are two very different types of teddies available- one  is designed purely for visual appeal and one designed as a practical piece of clothing. The teddy that is designed primarily for visual appeal is the kind that is usually sold as sexy lingerie in a store like our online store,

A teddy can come in many different forms and designers are coming up with different and very interesting ‘takes’ on the teddy all the time. It can be very difficult to distinguish between a teddy and a sexy bra and panties set but the difference is that the teddy joins the bra and panties – even if it is only by one shoestring strap!

The sexy teddy may have a halter, bra or strapless design, and the texture of the fabric is often either sheer or semi sheer. They come in fishnet, lace, stretch mesh, Lycra or even stretch satin and can have peek-a-boo designs, may have leather and vinyl trimming, sequins and a number of other decorations. There are teddies with cut outs on the sides of the waist that emphasise and give the illusion that the waist is smaller. Thong or Brazilian cut teddies are very popular and common now too. Scalloped lace edges always look super flirty on a teddy, and they are suitable for most shapes and sizes.  

Wearing a teddy can help your legs look longer and slimmer especially when the leg is a high cut one. Teddies come in every colour. More traditional colours include red, black, and white; however you may also see leopard prints, pinks, blues, gold, even polka dots! A teddy may be worn over the top of a bra and underwear set, or over nothing at all! The actual teddy often gives no support to the breasts, however a little more support can be gained if a criss-cross strap style is selected or a sexy bra is added to the outfit.

Slip into one of these sexy teddies and have a romantic, fun evening at home.  Just throw on a pair of platforms or stilettos with a pair of thigh high stockings and some long gloves and feel as sexy as you are!

Happy Shopping!