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How To Spot A Cheap Imitation


The internet has become an enormous world shopping centre where you can buy everything you want and need without having to leave your home. You can find things that are not available in your neighborhood, and you can buy items discreetly when you really don't want to go into a store, such as very sexy lingerie! But of course there are also a lot of pitfalls, and one of the major ones is that there are a lot of cheap replicas out there. Lingerie and Costumes are no different, there are a lot of sub-standard and unscrupulousretailers of fakes around, including right here in Australia.  Replicas in costumes and lingerie comes in the form of the illegal use of designer brand images of their designs being used by retailers who don't even sell the brand in question. They use the images to represent other costumes that have been made by a manufacturer, usually in China that is not used by the brand name in question.

What difference does it make?
Firstly, you can not tell by looking at the photos on the site, whether they are the manufacturers original photos or not. The only way to know that is to ask the store. Very often, websites show beautiful photos (used illegally) that do not represent the actual product they are selling. Unfortunately in many areas of clothing including costumes and lingerie, when  a product is a replica, the original has never been seen by the manufacturer, so that the copy is very different to the original depicted by the photos/s with use of different materials and designs. The imitation costumes are made by guessing how they should be constructed and the kinds of materials used by looking at the photos -and they rarely get it right! In fact not only do they usually get at least some of it wrong (so that the item rarely looks like the photo) they often make deliberate changes that seem like a great change or addition according to their culture.
  Sometimes the item is not recognisable at all and usually the quality is low as there are no quality controls in place. This leads to a lot of disappointment when you receive a cheap copy that often looks nothing like the photo that has been used. It can also give the internet shopping experience a 'bad name' as well as the damage to the brand name, as often the customer does not realise that they have not bought the original product.

Another issue arises when the fakes are not sized, in that styles that need more than one size, are only made by the copy cat manufacturers in one size. Most high quality costumes and lingerie come either in a variety of sizes, or are made from fabrics that have a lot of flexibility, but this is often not the case for replicas. This can be really unhelpful if you are not in that 'one size'!

But how can you tell?
It is very easy to spot a replica:
1. If it sounds too cheap to be true - it probably is! The reason they are cheaper is that they are cheaply made!
2. If you have seen a product available in more than one size elsewhere, and a store offers only 'one size, it is probably a fake.
3. If no brand names are mentioned on the site, it is likely that there are no 'brand names' only fakes. Ask the store if you are unsure.

Though there are many times when a piece of sexy lingerie or fancy dress costume can be manufactured in only one size and fit a large variety of people, there are more often or not more than one size to choose from to ensure the right fit.

Once you have purchased the costume or lingerie, you can tell by the lack of retail packaging in the form of a hanging resealable plastic bag with the brand name and the photo that led you to buy the item printed on a card in the package, and the lack of brand labels in the costumes or lingerie itself.

What is being done about it?
Many manufacturers of genuine brands of lingerie and costumes are pursuing the websites and other online sellers in various forums who use their photos to promote copies of their products, however there are so many manufacturers in China who are selling these fakes to retailers, so it is a difficult task. The best way to make sure you do not become the victim of  these manufacturers is to buy only from stores you feel 100% confident in.

Happy Shopping!