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Getting the Size Right!

Getting the Size Right - It’s all about Size!

Size is THE most important factor when buying lingerie for your partner.  It doesn't matter whether you buy the perfect style of lingerie in her favorite material and colour, if the size just isn't right, then everything else is just a waste of time.  Buying the wrong size is not only a waste of time and money, you have to return it and pick something all over again, but it can also insult your partner and make them feel bad about themselves; just the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve by buying lingerie in the first place!  If you buy lingerie that is too large then the lady in your life will think that you see her as larger than she is, she’ll be insulted and self conscious afterwards.  On the other hand if you buy something too small you’ll make her feel fat and she’ll think you’re implying that she could do with losing some weight.  Remember, getting the right size is everything!

Size Guide
Size guidelines and measurements differ between different countries, if you’re buying lingerie online make sure you double check which country the website is based in.  If buying from a different country make sure you use the size conversion guide below to get the right size of garment. There are two basic sizes you need to be aware of, the brassiere, which covers the breasts (think bra), and the underwear, which covers the crotch (think panties).

Brassiere (breasts)
The elements that make up a brassiere sizing are:
Band Size - the measurement of the rib cage directly below the breasts (in inches).

Bust Size – the measurement around the body and breast at it’s fullest point.
Cup Size - the measurement of the volume of the breast, calculated from the difference between the bust size and the band size.  Sizing is given in letters, ranging from the petite AA (less than an inch difference between bust and band size) through to the far more buxom KK (at 16 inches difference). 

Together the two sizes, number and letter, combine to give the size of a bra or brassiere, for instance 32D, 34C, 32AA.  It can be confusing that, because of the way these sizes work together, there are sometimes overlaps in measurement; for instance: a 30C and 32B would have the same actual cup volume, but most brassieres are adjustable enough so that either size will be able fit.

Underwear (crotch)
Underwear measurements are much easier to understand for men than brassiere measurements are, mainly because they are taken in a way similar to men’s clothing.  Measurements are given in easy to understand letters, just like men’s clothes, ranging from XS (extra small) through to XXL (extra extra large) and sometimes beyond for larger women.  Alternatively, a numeric system is sometimes used to get a more exact measurement, which men might not be so familiar with, this normally ranges from 6 (the smallest) through to 24 (the largest).  These two different systems of underwear measurement are used interchangeably and below is a guide chart that compares numeric underwear sizes between different countries; a must have when buying lingerie from foreign websites.

Conversion Chart

UK     Europe     USA
XS     8     34     4
S     10     36     6
M     12     38     8
L     14     40     10
XL     16     42     12
XXL     18     44     14

Final Advice
Now that you know and understand lingerie sizing please, please think before you start shopping for lingerie and make sure you have a good idea of the exact sizes that you will actually need.  If the gift is a surprise and you don't know the right size to buy, then use covert methods of finding out: sneak into the bedroom when she’s not there and check out her underwear drawer, or, and this is trickier, ask subtle questions.  If you’re really stumped and cannot find the correct sizes to buy, then it’s a good idea to pick a looser style, such as a babydoll or a chemise, instead of a tight fitting corset.  That way any small differences in size will be less noticeable, buy a slightly too small babydoll and it’s not a problem, buy a small corset and your partner won’t be able to breathe, let alone feel sexy.

So there you have it, an easy to understand guide to buying lingerie for women.  Now steel yourself and take the plunge, buy your partner some lingerie she will really enjoy, confident that you know how to pick out the right size for her.