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Sexy French Maid Lingerie Ideas

French Maid Lingerie

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If you aren't too intent on being a schoolgirl copping the wrath from your school principal or having to administer to every need as a difficult patient's nurse, then those two sexy fantasy costumes or erotic bedroom cosplay lingerie ideas are not for you! So what about the classic French Maid? Bring sexy back to housework! All you need is the role-play costume or lingerie, a feather duster, a pair of gorgeous heels and maybe a glass of wine - because let's be honest, we all know there's not going to be much cleaning getting done! These days, the French Maid character is often considered more sexy than either a schoolgirl or nurse lingerie theme. It is a style that has yet to diminish in popularity or sexiness to boot! French Maid characters, whether their intention is adult's fantasy dress ups or tempting intimate apparel are in a nutshell the ultimate imaginative collective of the fantasy wear genre.

We have all heard about how romantic the French are right? We have all heard about the magical and sexual atmosphere in France and it's capital Paris? Is it these ideals, these fantasies and these stories we hear about that make us believe the French Maid has quite simple, home-grown roots?  The French thrive in romance and sexuality, therefore their house cleaners also adorn themselves in sexy attire whilst cleaning - I do believe this is a conceivable concept, however I also believe that maybe the history of this classic style dates back to the 19th Century where women servants wore black and white uniforms and the style has simply evolved to suit ever changing fashion trends just like so many other uniform styles which have become the basis for many adult's fantasy role-play lingerie costumes.

The French Maid is an extremely definitive character with it's bland colours, yet still somehow stand-out appeal, and has been used to portray an array of maids and servants for years within the film and theatre culture.

The groundwork for a French Maid uniform, dress up bedroom costume or sexy bedroom lingerie is based on an extremely simple foundation - a slim-fitting black dress with white lace apron and trim. Not very complicated at all really! The black and white contrast is what makes this sexy character pop and stand out from the rest, and there are a couple of things we can do to bring sexy to the forefront when parading a French Maid look. Firstly, a feather duster! Feathers can be an extremely sensual almost fetish accompaniment in the bedroom, so whether you use it to clean or for some other purpose - that is entirely up to you! Secondly, a sexy pair of thigh high stockings or fish net pantyhose, an essential accessory to many fantasy or cosplay adventures! Thirdly, a pair of sexy matching heels! This last one is a MUST! No French Maid look, be it role-play costume or erotic lingerie, can be complete without a pair of heels.

Whether it is the submissive servitude or whether you have other preconceived ideas on the alluring nature of a French Maid, one thing is certain - it most definitely has enormous sex appeal. Sexy French Maid style themes can be found in adult's bedroom costume lingerie, where role-play can become imminent and the only limits are your imagination. Small, delicate intimate lingerie wear is available here at Express My Lingerie in this black and white theme. These styles of cosplay lingerie are available in a variety of fabrics ranging from lace, lycra and mesh to pvc and satin. Most French Maid bedroom costumes stay within the traditional confines of black and white colours although the styles of individual sets can vary greatly. Stepping away slightly from the bedroom, these maid character role-play costumes remain to be an extremely popular choice for adult's adventures and are also often utilised for transgender and cross-dressing events. Most of these more conservative women's lingerie costumes will still feature shorter hemlines and lower cut bustlines, although the variation in styles is such that finding a suitable look for each individual is becoming less of a chore! (pardon the pun!)

Here at Express My Lingerie you will find sexy women's French Maid fantasy lingerie costumes in very comfortable fabrics such as lycra and satin, sometimes even pvc for the more erotic style of dress enthusiasts! Our range of bedroom costumes and lingerie include both regular and plus sizes so everybody can feel sexy when they are overcome with the urge to do some housework! Once you have finished browsing our fantastic range of French Maid themed sexy role-play costumes and alluring bedroom lingerie by following the link below, don't forget to also head over to our hosiery and accessories for those all important finishing touches.

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