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Fairytale Fantasy Bedroom Costume Ideas

Sexy Fairytale Lingerie

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Beautiful fairytale themed fantasy costumes have been worn and adored for their elegance ever since the well-known fables of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty graced us with their innocence and glamour.

Fairytale of course, refers to fictional nursery rhyme and storybook characters such as prince's and princesses but it also leaves room for considering the bad guys such as wicked witches or Captain Hook as appropriate themed based dress up lingerie costumes.

Many of these gorgeous fairytale styles have now been designed with a sexy twist, taking away some of the delicate preciousness of these women's characters and adding instead some sultry playfulness. Even more of these sexy styles have been further adapted for cos-play or role-play lingerie costumes for use in the bedroom, as participants explore more with intimate adventures and imaginative make-believe encounters. Wouldn't it be wonderful if prince charming was invited to the dress up party but even nicer if he mystically swept you off your feet in the bedroom too! Fairytale's are the perfect adult's intimate role-play theme for heightening romance and seduction in the bedroom, or for becoming your favourite magical childhood character at your next Fairytale themed imaginative encounter.

Here at Express My Lingerie we stock a wide variety of stunning and intricate adult's fairytale style sexy fantasy bedroom lingerie. Some of the most popular character themes include Sexy Alice in Wonderland, Sexy Snow White, Sexy Mad Hatter and Sexy Little Red Riding Hood. These beautiful adult's dress up lingerie costumes are made with intricate gorgeous detail and combine glorious soft fabrics such as satin, lycra, lace and mesh.

We also stock a fantastic range of sexy hosiery to perfectly complement our fairytale intimate wear such as tea cup print stockings, or Queen of Hearts thigh high stockings. Many of these women's sexy bedroom looks are pictured with, and can be stunningly finished off with one of our tutu or fluffy petticoats which are also available for purchase on our website.

So whether you are looking to re-create your own Fairytale with some sexy costume lingerie in the bedroom, or whether you are showing off your favourite storybook character to that special someone, here at Express My Lingerie we most definitely have your childhood memories covered.

All our superb sexy bedroom lingerie costumes are in stock and ready for immediate discreet delivery straight to your front door.

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