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Devil and Angel Lingerie Costume Ideas

Sexy Devil & Angel Lingerie

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They say opposites attract! Devil's are HOT! Angels are (usually) sweet and innocent! Combine the two and you have yourself the perfect 'naughty and nice' fantasy lingerie theme.  Whether you are depicting Heaven & Hell or Good & Evil, as a couple or as an individual, devil and angel role-play scenarios are the way to go.

Angels are traditionally and historically known as holy messengers from Heaven, even protectors such as guardian angels. Devils on the other hand, seem to be considered somewhat as the angel's arch nemesis, a dweller amongst the fiery hot, naughty depths of hell. As obviously opposite as they are, angel and devil themes and dress up lingerie seem to go hand in hand as easy as black and white or hot and cold!

Devil themed dress up lingerie can range from the typical sizzling red style with piercing eyes, devil horns and a devil tail to more horror themed, Halloween appropriate devils which border on the line of demons in more dark colours and intimate clothing where sometimes only the presence of horns is a common accessory amongst this theme. Red hot devils can also be extremely sexy and seductive as they exude a naughty and even deceptive characteristic playing along with the idea that 'bad' people go to hell! Here at Express My Lingerie we have a tantalising range of adult's devil sexy bedroom lingerie to indulge on those hot, steamy nights in or to celebrate Halloween in your own special way!  Our captivating women's bedroom lingerie devil costumes come in the traditional red colours in a variety of fabrics such as lace, lycra and combinations of both.

Angels are generally considered as 'good' beings, innocent and sweet. Such purity in typical white lingerie is an extremely alluring look. Adult's angel fantasy lingerie intimate wear often includes wings or a halo or both which is almost a necessity when dressing up in this character. These accessories can also be purchased separately to create your own individual look.  Angel role-play themes are a common character disguise which can be worn seduce that special someone throughout the year, although you may find their popularity hit it's peak during the festive Christmas season when many angels are portrayed in plays and such to beautifully represent many religious ideals and stories. Counterbalancing the goodness and innocence within a typical angel, is of course the idea of a fallen angel or dark angels. In recent years, the image of a white angel has taken a side road and 'dark' angel versions who are considered somewhat slightly 'naughtier' have also become a popular adult's bedroom lingerie theme. These bad angels take on the same basic look of a traditional angel, however their colours will sway more towards darker even gothic looks, and styles may consist of variations for example, a fallen angel may have a torn or slightly tattered look. Accessories such as wings and halos are also available to complement dark angel themed sexy lingerie costumes and are exactly what you will need to add the finishing touches to your women's fantasy role-play wardrobe. At Express My Lingerie you will find both good and bad angel costume lingerie themes in Halloween style as well as more provocative and sexy bedroom lingerie costumes. So if you are choosing an angel disguise for  that special someone in the bedroom with a sexy angel lingerie costume, we cater for all here at Express My Lingerie.

All our sexy red hot devil and naughty and nice angel fantasy and bedroom cosplay lingerie, are in stock and ready to be discreetly shipped straight to your front door. Our extensive range of women's and men's products are available in both regular and plus sizes so we can all have the option of going to heaven or hell during our next intimate bedroom adventure!

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