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Many people may ask what a corset is? Let’s not beat around the bush – a corset is a women’s lingerie undergarment specifically designed to push up the bust and squeeze in the waist!

Just off on a tangent - Corsets can also be used for medical purposes as a support for the spine – but our intentions are more towards the sexy side right? So let’s get back to it!

It was during the Victorian era that the use of corsets for their intended purpose was first established by Westerners. The styles of corsets worn in this society were often burdened with the stigma of suggested shocking health risks and complications which are sometimes repeated even as the corset evolves through contemporary changes.  Extremely tightly laced women’s corsets have been displayed through public media channels such as films and stage productions, exaggerating the use of a lingerie corset resulting in distasteful opinions. Skeptics should be clear that the manner in which a corset is worn should be an expression echoing the wearers’ choice as opposed to a manifestation of the corset itself. Just to be crystal clear... when customised to fit correctly, corsets (as an item of women’s intimate apparel, women’s fancy dress up party costume or item of evening/night club attire) we most definitely not compromise your health or cause any discomfort!

Corsets, whether styled as a clothing item or as a sexy lingerie product, generally feature long lace up back features incorporating ribbon or cord details, allowing the wearer to adjust the fit accordingly to provide maximum comfort. The art of corset adjustment utilising the lace up features can often present a challenge and may require the willingness of a handy second person to give you a hand!

Waist trainers as well as typical lingerie corsets have boning all the way around for support, this aspect is often the defining feature that makes a corset, a corset! Years and years ago, the boning used in corsets was made from whale bones and have since evolved to the use of either steel or plastic. The ‘push up the bust and squeeze in the waist’ purpose of a corset is achieved by the boning which offers extreme support whilst also promoting excellent posture.

Although sexy women’s corsets were generally worn as an intimate underwear apparel item or for waist training purposes, as time moves forward this is no longer the case! The expanding range of corsets in vast styles, fabrics and colours have seen this gorgeous lingerie item find its own genre within women’s sexy lingerie and bedroom intimate apparel. Corsets are flaunted by many women as part of their sexy night time wear as well as evening outerwear. The versatility of the corset means women of all shapes and sizes can utilise this lingerie comfortably giving the corset its ultimate appeal.

Sexy women’s corsets, as a lingerie item, can be teamed up with many accessories such as garter belts, sexy stockings and even cute petticoats or tutu skirts to create unique individual bedroom styles according to the individual circumstance. The modern evolution of the corset has also seen this sexy lingerie top used more and more within adult’s fancy dress costume circles, incorporating boned features and lace up styles, sometimes exactly like a corset and sometimes with slight modifications.

Women’s corsets have become an extremely popular trend and with the variety of glamorous colours, styles and fabrics now available to choose from, it is no wonder that the humble corset has come out from behind closed bedroom doors!

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