Cops & Robbers Sexy Lingerie Ideas | Police Fantasy Roleplay Lingerie

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Cops & Robbers Sexy Lingerie Ideas

 Cops & Robbers Sexy Bedroom Costume Ideas

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Did you know that police officers didn't start wearing uniforms until 1853?, and considering people have been role-playing since long before that.... I would assume that police officer or cop fantasy lingerie costumes originated around the same time when the more daring members of society decided to possibly imitate them (albeit in secrecy for fear of being reprimanded by a real cop!).

Rationally, police officers and cops should be regarded as peacekeepers. Those who maintain law and order within our communities for the well-being of each individual and their environment. So at what point did the respected cop become a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom? A dominant and intimidating figure who carries weapons and tools with which to restrain you and chastise you for being their definition of 'Naughty'.

Isn't it fun to sometimes call the shots? Well, we think so! And what better way to do just that than under the guise of a police officer in the boudoir with the best excuse ever.... fantasy role-play! Have you ever come across a cop who readily tends to your needs and ensures everything is in order? Ha! Not lately!  Or are you more familiar with the 'my way or the highway' stereotype who waves his baton and tells everyone what to do! As long as you don't decide to take the law into your own hands you'll have it made, and if you play your cards right you might even score yourself some free McDonald's on the drive home! Yeah we wish!! When it comes to the bedroom, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that sending your lover to the bedroom for being a bad boy or bad girl, is sure to have some dominant and raunchy repercussions once you both hit the sheets!

Here at Express My Lingerie, we have an extensive range of police officer or cop sexy adult's costumes. Obviously the colours we have available do not vary much and stay within the confines of traditional police uniforms in blue and black styles; because if you're going to take role play seriously...... then you need to look the part! A lot of our men's and women's police role-play costumes are designed in gorgeous soft stretch materials often with added embroidered badges or hats and handcuffs as included accessories.

We stock some fantastic sexy women's police lingerie costumes, in much more flirtatious and revealing styles, which almost encourage the authoritative idea of 'you can look but don't touch'. That's the women... as for the men, we all know that one famous line about loving a man in uniform right!

Police uniform dress up lingerie items are a fantastic idea for couples disguises, either role-playing as a pair of patrol officers on the beat (Starsky and Hutch) or teamed with a stylish striped convict or prisoner fantasy costume. You will find all these sexy combinations in our online store from women's barely-there orange prison garb bedroom lingerie to men's CSI detective very thorough investigator lingerie.

Our great selection of adult's police officer or cop bedroom cos-play lingerie, as well as our range of prisoner and convict disguises is available in regular and plus sizes for both men and women. Change role-play characters in and out of the bedroom, mix it up a bit and have a fantastic time creating your own imaginative scenarios with these fantastic bedroom costume ideas. All of our fantasy lingerie is in stock and ready for immediate discreet express delivery straight to your front door.