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Buying vs Ordering

Buying vs Ordering

By Lingerie Vixen

© Copyright, Express My Lingerie, 2011

If you are like us and love to have a beautiful piece of sexy lingerie or a cute sexy bedroom fantasy costume delivered on time without delays, hassles, out of stocks or cancellations, then read on, because we have some tips on what to look for.

So what is the difference between buying from stock held by a retailer and ordering from an 'order in' website service? You would be surprised just how much difference there is and the benefits that can be had by buying from a retailer who carries stock. Here is a little run-down to help you see the big differences and the potential impacts on you, the customer.

Buy online from a retailer/warehouse with stock:

  • You get your order fast- the website represents actual stock in the retailers warehouse.
  • You know it is available, you won't be disappointed.
  • If you need to exchange, it is a fast process.
  • The retailer is only selling proven stock that sells, otherwise they would not have invested in it.
  • The retailer can often get a better 'deal' when purchasing the stock in bulk and the savings are usually passed on to the customer.
  • The retailer has described the products from the products themselves, which they have seen  - not 'blind-listing' from photos.
  • The retailer can answer your detailed questions about the products from looking at the item itself.

Buy from an 'order in' website:

  • There is no telling how long it might take to get your order, at least 3-6 weeks.
  • The website represents items that may or may not be available in the future.
  • Often the item you want, it not going to be available in a reasonable time-frame.
  • The item is often not in Australia, and the Australian distributor needs to add your order to their mass order from overseas - this can add weeks to the process.
  • If your item is not going to be available, often these sellers have terms that state 'no refunds' so you must choose something else - and then start the wait again.
  • The seller has very little invested in their website (and nothing in stock), these kinds of sites often fail in the first 6 months- taking your money with them!
  • You are funding the seller - they only buy your item from the money you have given them - much like 'party plan'.
  • Their sites are often just duplicates of their suppliers site.
  • The seller has never seen the items they are selling in real life!

When it comes to buying lingerie and sexy bedroom fantasy costumes, either you need them in a hurry because you have an event coming up, or you would 'like' to receive your order quickly. If this is the case for you, then you should consider buying from an  'in stock' website / warehouse like Express My Lingerie. Also, watch out for websites that advertise they carry stock, then display a lot of products that are not in stock...look for their 'in stock' section if you need your item fast. It also pays to read a little about the policies and shipping times from any website you intend to buy from. If it is going to take time to get it, then it might not become available at all - and you need to plan for this.

One thing we can guarantee here at Express My Lingerie, is that if you are able to put an item in your shopping cart, then we have it in stock, and we can ship it to you on the next business day; unless you get in before 3pm on any business day - then we ship on the same day!.

Happy Shopping!