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Bustier Lingerie for Women

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The good old 'Bustier' has been around for hundreds of years, and although it's purpose, style and most definitely sex appeal has changed, it is still a fabulous part of any woman's lingerie wardrobe.

The intended purpose for bustier lingerie, dating back to it's humble beginnings, was a form fitting piece of underclothing used to lift, lift, lift the bust whilst cinching in the upper midriff area creating a desirable woman's shape!

Living in an ever increasing exuberance of society, and following sexy fashionista catwalk trends, modern bustiers have emerged from the depths of hiding under the bland polyester/cotton blends of yesteryear and have jumped to the forefront as more daring and provocative outerwear!

Bustier's can sometimes be worn as corsets, although they tend to be a lot shorter in length and have defined, usually underwired cups. In essence, I guess we could say that a bustier is in general, a handy combination of a bra and a corset in one.   The traditional bustier usually has underwire cups and a boned midriff section which reaches to around the rib area. Longer versions which extend to the waistline, sometimes even further to the hips are a fantastic variation for those looking at shaping the entire torso area, or simply for those wishing to expose a little less lumpy bits!  These longer styles are more often referred to as 'torsolette's' and other than length, carry the same features as a bustier. Torsolettes may even come with some added bonus extras such as garter straps, made possible thanks to it's extra length!

Although traditional bustiers have inserts known as boning ( yes...! originally made from bones, but these days from plastic) to hold the shape throughout the midriff area, more modern styles are  incorporating the idea of mesh panelling instead in either more delicate fabrics or in the increasingly popular powernet material for that ultimate 'suck all your bits in' look!

Getting a good fit is very important when it comes to wearing your bustier for the purpose of 'lift and tighten'. We recommend making sure you choose the correct cup size or measurement.  The wrong cup size has the potential to play havoc with any fuller busted look you are aiming for!  The sizing of the midriff section of the bustier is less important, as this versatile lingerie is made in a similar style to a corset, often utilising ribbons or cords in tie-up adjustable features as well as bra-style hook and eye closures. All these attributes together means you can have a lot of fun pulling and poking and prodding, to make sure things are tight or loose in different combinations, exactly in the places you need them to be!

Bustiers can come strapless, to accommodate its use as an undergarment for gorgeous flowing gowns or strapless dresses. They can also come with a variety of straps including spaghetti, bra-style adjustable, ribbon, transparent or removable. 

Here at Express My Lingerie, we have in stock a fantastic range of bustier's in many different colours from black and white to more fun styles in pink and even animal prints. Our sexy bustier's also come in many comfortable fabrics like lycra, stretch lace, mesh and of course the form-fitting powernet phenomenon! The longer style torsolettes are also available to choose from on our website as well as styles which may cross-over more slightly into the genres of corsets. Where this is the case we have tried our best to include our fabulous products in all relevant categories to make sure you will find that perfect piece of lingerie you're looking for! All these variations are available in regular and plus sizes, because we don't want anyone to miss out and we believe every woman out there should be able to get their hands on beautiful lingerie that they love to wear and feel comfortable and confident in.

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