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Bedroom Costumes

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Traditional styles of elegant and sexy lingerie are worn in the bedroom often to seduce and add an air of romance between those involved. If you are finding this form of liaison with your partner a little monotonous and are after a bit more spice and liveliness during your bedroom adventures, then how about letting loose your imagination and indulging in some bedroom costume lingerie attire and accessories?!


People often enjoy the idea of fancy dress as it provides them with a sense of anonymity and even more often allows them a sense of freedom, liberation and quite bluntly the guts to step outside the proverbial square and let their hair down as well as some of their inhibitions. Combine some of these cute, sexy, erotic or just plain naughty fancy dress character ideas with a little less fabric in the form of raunchy lingerie, and you are on your way to transforming those regimented boring nights into steamy encounters with the potential to bring the house down.

With this style of lingerie you can bring alive your favourite themes while experimenting with tempting seduction from sexy schoolgirl lingerie and headmasters to nurse bedroom costumes and patients or sexy cop/ police officer lingerie costumes and their prisoners! You might even need a sexy fireman to douse some flames when the atmosphere you create in these alternative lingerie ideas becomes too hot to handle!

Most bedroom costume lingerie ensembles are colour specific due to the need to form some kind of resemblance to a specific character or idea with the lesser amount of fabric and coverage so the complete look still falls under the lingerie category. For example, a nurse's bedroom costume will generally be red and white in this lingerie genre so we can still tell what it's intended role-play purpose is and of course the French Maid  Lingerie costume must be black and white! Why not dress up and role-play for Christmas? Our adorable and very sexy Christmas bedroom costumes are sure to be a big hit!

Although they make up a large majority and tend to bring about the best imaginative role-play adventures, bedroom lingerie costumes are not just confined to occupational themes involving higher and lesser authoritative figures. Many people may choose to play in sexy animal bedroom costumes such as the ever popular purring kitty kat who evolves into a ravenous tempting tigress as the night progresses. Not all nighttime antics involving sexy bedroom lingerie costumes have to revolve around imaginative scenarios. Many participants may choose to simply dress in this alternative range of sexy wear without physically taking on the role of it's intended character, just to try something a little bit different. Whatever your reasons for giving costume lingerie a go, one thing is for sure... it is bound to add some level of sizzle to your adult escapades!

Here at Express My Lingerie we stock a fantastic range of sexy men's and women's bedroom costume lingerie, ideal for whatever after-dark role-play activities you choose! From sizzling hot firemen and fire-women, sexy cops and flirtatious french maids to cute kitties, cheeky bunnies, chastising cheerleaders and naughty schoolgirls, we have something here for everyone. This style of adult's lingerie is available in gorgeous themed colours and fabrics such as satin, lycra and lace.

Our sexy sultry range of bedroom costume lingerie is available in both regular and plus sizes bedroom costumes so that all enthusiasts can find a style to suit their needs in a comfortable and suitable fit! At Express My Lingerie all our products are in stock and ready for immediate discreet delivery straight to your front door. Shopping online for exciting bedroom costume lingerie has never been easier and you can begin your adventures by clicking on the link above...

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