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Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan in Sexy Lingerie

Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan in Sexy Lingerie

Written especially for women who feel like they lack the self-confidence it takes to wear sexy things, this article provides practical tips on buying lingerie that will make them look and feel great.
Shopping for lingerie can be downright demoralising if you don't know which styles will be most flattering to your body. If you feel awkward on that special night, it can be difficult to relax and let go of your inhibitions. But with a bit of planning and by paying attention to a few foolproof guidelines, the trip to purchase a hot little lingerie number can actually become the foreplay for your hot date!

The first thing is to look at your body under the same light your lover will see you in. Do you want to float into a candlelit room or display yourself in front of a fire? Or are you planning a striptease at half-time with the overhead and T.V. on? Either has its merits, but would definitely call for different types of lingerie. (Make sure you turn the T.V. off.)  If the occasion will be dimly lit, don't worry about the "flaws" you see in the mirror. Candlelight is universally flattering. If you have problems relaxing in the lingerie your partner loves so much, save your most revealing and risqué getups for nights you set out oodles of scented candles. In the perfumed air and soft light, you'll look and feel like a goddess no matter what you're wearing.

If you're feeling naughty, though, the situation calls for a little more creativity. That's essentially because it calls for more light — guys are primarily aroused by visual stimulation. Delivering the football snacks in a pair of boy short panties, lacy push-up bra and thigh-high black boots will never disappoint him. Adding boots is the key here — the heels are generally lower than spiky heels, boots give you the coverage you'd like on your legs, and they go well with a variety of tantalising lingerie styles. You could pair them with a simple short slip rolled down over your hips and a matching bra. Or slip into a white baby-doll negligee and drive him wild at the bad/innocent girl contrast.
The advantage of wearing a playful skirt or Daisy Duke shorts with sexy boots is feeling more covered and therefore more comfortable when you're playing the temptress. Lingerie doesn't have to involve thongs and teddies (unless you want it to). If self-consciousness is stopping you from adding the spice to your sex life that you'd like to, don't punish yourself for feeling that way. And don't punish your partner by never giving him a treat he can actually see. Instead, choose a sexy look that allows you more control over what to reveal. The simple fact you've taken the time to dress up for him goes a long way.
Another classic turn-on that is easy to wear is a sheer negligee with an empire waist. You can find this style everywhere, even Target, precisely because it makes everyone look sexy. For women with larger breasts, you can find ones with the same support offered by traditional bras. If lift isn't a concern, go with totally sheer cups to make his eyes pop. The short, sexy nightie is a great way to mask tummy, tush, or thigh issues—which makes it a good choice for any body type.

Finally, don't wear something just because it happens to be the latest trend on Desperate Housewives or you could end up looking like one. Knowing your own body and comfort zone is the best aphrodisiac you could ask for. Your lover will notice your confidence, not the fact that you don't have on thigh-highs. When you choose a style of lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess, you radiate—and that's far more erotic than the particular piece of clothing. To do so, be honest with yourself about how you perceive your body. Learn to live with it. That's what puts you in control of changing it. And remember—while you work through any confidence issues, he doesn't have a clue.

Many women think they need to have the body of a supermodel before donning sexy lingerie for their lover. It might help to know that insecurities about looking hot in a bikini have far more to do with our culture than with the way men really feel. Studies have shown that guys actually prefer women who have feminine curves. The confidence to show off that roundness is more than half of what drives men crazy. Buy sexy things for yourself first—and pay attention to highlighting the many positives you have while adding just a wee more fabric over the negs.

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