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Babydoll Lingerie

Sexy Babydoll Lingerie

By Lingerie Vixen,

© Copyright, Express My Lingerie, 2011

Babydoll lingerie is an elegant and popular choice of sexy underwear for women of all shapes and sizes. The style is great for emphasing the a bustline, and hides the tummy and depending on the length of the particular piece, the tops of the thighs can also be covered. This can be a very flattering look and is why it is such a popular piece of lingerie. At the same time as being extremely sexy, it is also a rather innocent looking garment and certainly has an innocent name!

Ultimately, the babydoll is sleepwear or a ‘nightie’, but these days it is used for much more than this, it can be an excellent way to stir up a little fun in your love life!

The babydoll comes in many different lengths, sub-styles, and looks but overall the idea is that it should cover the bust area snugly in either a ‘tank top’ style shoulder strap arrangement and bust area, or in a bra style top, or halter style. All babydoll lingerie have the same theme of flaring immediately below the bustline- what differs is the length. The modern piece can be open in the front exposing the stomach, open in the back, closed front and back, long to the thighs, or even short so that it is not really much more than a ruffle under the bust! On top of this, you will find that the interpretations of babydolls from lingerie store to lingerie store sometimes also include other styles of lingerie that have no names of their own or fit just outside of a standard definition of the babydoll lingerie and so has been included in the category.

Here at Express My Lingerie, we have tried to stay as true to the original understanding of this sexy and cute lingerie style as possible.

The babydoll is usually made from either see materials like chiffon, mesh, silk and nylon or satins and lycras are often also used. They come in many different patterns and colours, such as pastels, leopard print, plain black, hot pink, polka dots, even fire engine red. This appealing lingerie can be decorated with feathers, bows, lace, faux fur, ruffles and more. It, like a lot of today’s  lingerie, can range from elegant and classy to cheeky and erotic, and anything in between. The babydoll style is appealing for many reasons, including that the often see through fabrics that are used, and how little fabric there actually is in the garment!

Babydoll lingerie often comes in sets, including the babydoll nightgown and matching panties. For a really sexy look, add a pair of thigh high stay up stocking or a garter belt and stockings, dressed like this you’ll feel and look like a confident and sexy woman.

Throughout the Express My Lingerie website you will find accurate sizing charts to ensure you get a great fit with your lingerie. We understand that for some, this method of shopping, though discreet, may be a bit daunting and therefore offer direct help and support via email or telephone.

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